UPC International Degrees: NCUK

UPC International Degrees: NCUK

WELCOME TO UPC International Degrees: NCUK
A Pathway towards the British Higher Education System

Northern Consorcium of United Kingdom (NCUK) has chosen Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) to work in partnership and is now offering students in Peru, and the wider Latin American region, unique transnational qualifications which can enable ambitious students to gain access to leading universities across the UK and internationally.

For over 30 years, NCUK has helped tens of thousands of international students get into leading universities in the UK and worldwide.

  • With an NCUK qualification, you can choose from thousands of different undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in a huge range of subjects.
    • 90% of NCUK students get into their first choice university.
    • 80% of NCUK students achieve a first or second class degree at university.
    • 70% of NCUK students progrees to Russell Group universities.
  • NCUK qualifications not only guarantee access to universities within our UK network, but are also recognized by all universities across the UK, including many in the Russell Group, as well as by universities internationally. NCUK students are known to be well prepared, ready to succeed, and with proven abilities in the English language, all of which reflect the quality of our qualifications and the level of preparedness that we can guarante.


We offer pathway qualifications that provide our students with the ideal route to further their studies, and complete their degrees, in the United Kingdom and universities throughout the world. Studying through the UPC International Degrees: NCUK program will deliver a unique value proposition to students and parents alike, including:


Studying at an international university can give you a world-class education and a valuable head start in your future career.


Allows Peruvian students the opportunity to attain a prestigious international degree, with the convenience of studying in Peru at UPC, while also saving the living expenses for the first year.


Students will start their international degree track here at UPC in Lima and can embark on their international experience when they are ready or mature enough to live abroad.


Gain the confidence to live and study overseas. Students will study their qualification in a friendly, small-class environment at UPC. Through the Program, students will be introduced to the teaching styles that can be expected within UK universities, and can also expect to gain essential cultural knowledge and skills designed to make their time abroad easier and more enjoyable. This experience will fully prepare our students to thrive and complete their degree course at their chosen university.


A university degree, closer to home There are many reasons why prospective students may wish to graduate from a UK university, while also taking part of their studies closer to home, including saving money and allow for more time to mature. To meet these needs, the NCUK programme allow students to study locally for an extra year while earning UK university credits, then transferring to a full degree in the UK.


UPC-ID offers comprehensive academic, personal, and visa support advising. Ongoing program support is offered in a holistic manner and includes guidance related to academic decisions, university application and acceptance, visa application and approval, student accommodations and life abroad, cultural adaptation, and more.


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Director, UPC-ID
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